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Could the author please upload the screenshot to the Wiki and not link to a self-signed https:// URL?

I'm sure the ThinkWiki server admin is happy that the bandwidth for the screenshot gets sponsered, but still, it's a bit annoying and confusing why a user should accept a SSL certificate while browsing a non-SSL Wiki about Thinkpads.

--spiney 07:43, 23 Nov 2005 (CET)

if anybody interested.. i just built RPMs of it for SuSE 10 (i386).. User:Tuxbox

Thanks for the package

Could you please inform me if you build new packages, too, so than I can provide a download link from KThinkBat's Homepage. Thank you.


KThinkBad 0.1.5 rc2 works perfectly here (T43, FC4). Great work!

How about an option to draw the battery upright? I use a pretty high kicker (5 rows of tasklist), so there's a lot of wasted space under the battery; having it the battery drawn vertically would use that space and free up some horizontal size.

--Thinker 02:48, 31 January 2006 (CET)

Good idea. -- TR

Please mail Feedback related to KThinkBat (Bugs, Enhancements, ...) directly to le.petit.fou at web dot de.