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Questions should probably go in here (the discussion section). I will update this article a bit later today.


I think these should be in the discussion section. ~ shadowarts

(Sorry if this is not the right way to do this. This page is incredibly helpful, and I just had a few short questions/clarifications.)

First, did you boot into "Safe Graphics Mode" from LILO or Grub, or from a graphical login screen? My installation hangs right before the login screen, and all of the virtual screens are blank. I can log into a recover mode from Grub to get a shell.

 -- This was prior to installation, in the boot options of the Ubuntu Live CD

Second, if you could add a little bit of detail as to how you installed a new kernel, why agpgart is necessary, and even what part GM965 is, that would be awesome :)


Did anybody had the same issue with suspending ? (System slow)

Having the same problem here, R61 (same components), NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M. The problem is almost certainly with the 'nvidia' video drivers. I've tested just about every option and configuration, using kernel 2.6.22-rc7 with thinkpad & cpuidle patches and nvidia 100.14.11. Video is fine, s2ram --force, when it comes back up redrawing of screen elements is unbearable slow. Simply restarting X fixes the problem, no need to to unload the nvidia module. Hibernation is also very broken here.. it will write out to disk, shutdown, reload on restart, and then just display a black screen (backlight on).

Resuming from Disk (sound problems)

Using fairly recent ALSA CVS, I managed to get sound working (yay!) but when resuming from disk (hibernation) I can't hear anything. The devices seem to be accessible to my software (Amarok, etc), but no matter how much I fiddle with kmix, I don't hear a thing. Any fixes?

X3100 Intel Graphics

I booted the regular CD and hit F4 to change the VGA settings to 1024 x 768 x 32 and the installer ran in graphical mode. After rebooting, the GUI loads and I can see that I am using the "vesa" driver.

I have attempted to use an updated intel driver, but I can't seem to get 24-bit color depth.

Aboutblank 14:13, 30 June 2007 (UTC)

X3100 Outputs

As this is all bleeding-edge, it's understandable that not everything works, but what do we currently know about the video outputs on X3100 T61 machines? I have an Advanced Mini Dock which has DVI and VGA connectors. Are the VGA connectors on the T61 and its dock one and the same? Which video outputs are clone-only? Which video outputs are multihead-capable? Do they all share the same GPU such that they can be used as a single canvas for OpenGL, etc? Can the DVI connector on the dock be used for VGA with an adapter? What is possible with current Intel drivers? Any recipes and configuration examples for the current ultimate dynamic setup (with xrandr, (k)ubuntu control panel configuration, etc)?


Another problem i have is that after i start the notebook with power unplugged, it starts with dimmed display and can't be changed. The problem arises after the XWindowS are started, so i think it may be problem with nvidia drivers, but i was unable to determine it yet.

Old optical drive kludge

This is deprecated! Use the current instructions in the article instead!

Remember step 5! If the Synaptic Package Manager does not see your installation CD, even though you can see it in Places -> Computer, do the following:

1) Log in as the root user.
2) Go to /media and rename cdrom to something that isn't already used in the /media folder.
3) Right-click on the desktop and select Create Launcher. Enter cdrom as the name and /media/Ubuntu 7.04 i386 as the command. Drag the launcher into /media. Note: Ubuntu 7.04 i386 can be anything, so change it if you need to access a different CD this way (i.e., if you need a different CD to appear as cdrom), but to get a package from your CD via Synaptic the name must be the same as your install CD´s (probably Ubuntu 7.04 i386).
4) Remember to rename the original cdrom after you´re done; you can keep the launcher cdrom under a different name.

Of course, this way isn´t by the book and will get annoying if you have to do it a lot, so there´s probably a better way of getting packages from your installation CD with Synaptic, but itĺl work for getting the necessary packages to get your other hardware working.