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Questions should probably go in here (the discussion section). I will update this article a bit later today.


I think these should be in the discussion section. ~ shadowarts

(Sorry if this is not the right way to do this. This page is incredibly helpful, and I just had a few short questions/clarifications.)

First, did you boot into "Safe Graphics Mode" from LILO or Grub, or from a graphical login screen? My installation hangs right before the login screen, and all of the virtual screens are blank. I can log into a recover mode from Grub to get a shell.

 -- This was prior to installation, in the boot options of the Ubuntu Live CD

Second, if you could add a little bit of detail as to how you installed a new kernel, why agpgart is necessary, and even what part GM965 is, that would be awesome :)


Did anybody had the same issue with suspending ? (System slow)