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Hi there,

Is anyone having problems with Suspend to Disk? It's suddenly stopped working for me...


Re: Problems with Suspend to Disk

What problems exactly?

-freeze while suspending or

-freeze on wake up

maybe you will find the solution on Problems_with_ACPI_suspend-to-ram

-doesn't do anything if you press the suspend key combination

My Keyboard Suspend to ram shortcut stop working if I don't login with gnome, because the acpi_fakekey script launched doesn't work outside of gnome.

pmi action sleep 

should work

Roland (McGiver)

Problems with ALt-Gr

concerning the Alt-gr solution suggested on the article page: I think it's a problem with loading the right keymap. On my Laptop the .Xmodmap workaround prevents the Alt-Gr key from working in other Windowmanagers like e17 after running xgl

so my solution is another workaround: loading your preferred keymap with gnome, by adding the following script (save in /usr/bin/restorekeymap) to gnome startup programs

setxkbmap -model pc105 -layout de -variant nodeadkeys
#if you use the .Xmodmap file for other stuff too uncomment the following line
#xmodmap .Xmodmap

Replace keymap model, layout and variant with the one you prefer

Roland (McGiver)

Video in Beryl

anyone else suffering under extremely slow video in Beryl? All Video players seem to require much more resources in Beryl. Anyone else experiencing the same Problem

Kaffeine(Xine) slows down the whole system (on my 1.7GHz Banias) and sometimes kaffeine freezes Mplayer works better, but still keeps the cpu usage on ~90% on fullscreen

Doing something with tpb OSD makes it even worse. Changing volume in many cases permanently freezes kaffeine, and results in temporary 1fps in mplayer

I tried all available Video output Plugins (xv, opengl,...) without noticing a difference

Roland (McGiver)