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My intention is to finish this page to the point that i have my own notebook to when i can find time in the next couple weeks. Although most of the information here can be found in other places in Thinkwiki, some of it has been a process of trial and error. Getting this notebook operating smoothly has been quite challenging simply due to the lack of comprehensive information in one place for the Slackware distro. After i finish the full guide, i intend to HOPEFULLY start moving things out of the Non-Working column and explain how the fix was achieved. If you find errors in grammer, facts, or methodology, by all means. . .

It looks like i may be without my Thinkpad for a while. . . i've run into a problem with which i don't have a solution: When i have headphones plugged in i get horid static if i play anything over ~64kbps (no idea why), but this is unacceptable to me, so i'm going to have to have it repaired. Anyway, enough about my problems, i'm going to try to continue adding to the page from some notes that i have, but i may hit a roadblock, futher updates as events warrent.

thanks --Lucidity 08:06, 25 October 2006 (CEST)