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I just wanted to write down my experiences using Bluetooth to connect my Nokia N70 to my Thinkpad T43, using Gentoo Linux. I'm not sure if ThinkWiki is the right place for this. Feel free to point me into another direction.

Tobias Brox, - 2005-12-04


indeed ThinkWiki is not exactly the right place since the information has not very much to do with ThinkPads in particular. However, since we are missing any Bluetooth documentation at the time, I'm going to give this page a reasonable title and will do some reformatting later on. Please read Help:Editing.

Wyrfel 20:18, 5 Jan 2006 (CET)


I renamed the page to reflect the idea of having it as a general Bluetooth setup howto. The first two sections are already generic enough for that. Connecting to a mobile phone should be a section in this page, like it is at current state in the serial connection section. I think that's fine, since you might want to connect to other modem like devices through serial over bluetooth and the procedure should be the same. Hence, lets structure this page in "applications" like "serial over bluetooth", "obex file transfer" etc., very much as it is now. However, things still need to be improved.

Wyrfel 12:23, 8 Jan 2006 (CET)


Why does BT_RFCOMM can not be made a module? There is no explanation anywhere in the text for that note...

hmh 2006-02-22 01:48 UTC