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Maybe this page should be restructured: just mention different tecnologies, some words on PRO/CON arguments and then pointing to different pages explaining how to setup and configure?

It might make sense to split the page into 5, according to the 5 main sections we have there now. However, it doesn't make much sense to split it up when the main page would just hold the links to subpages. So far the General sections in APM and ACPI are intended to be used for pros and cons and general explanation. We would then have the following structure...

  • How to make use of Power Management features
    • How to make APM work
    • How to make ACPI work
    • How to make use of Dynamic Frequency Scaling
    • How to make use of Harddisk Power Management
    • How to make use of Graphics Chips Power Management

The "other hardware" section would probably best turned into single pages added on demand.

Wyrfel 02:24, 8 Dec 2004 (CET)