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X41 Woes

I have tried the referred patch (Suspend to RAM) with the latest stable kernel ( Reboot after wakeup.

T22 Woes

Has anyone managed to get this working with a T22? The BIOS is upgraded, but it _never_ wakes up from sleep. Neither lid nor pwr button are noticed by the system.

--Are you in suspend2ram? This works fine for me. I think you have to enable it in BIOS.

Sound-after-suspend not working with Mandriva 2006

With Mandriva 2006, suspend/resume works with ACPI, but sound quits working. This happens with the T20 and T22. The recommended Mandriva trick of setting "RESTORE_SOUND=yes" in the "suspend" script doesn't solve this. Other suggestions? - MarkStosberg


I had 2 different issues: - with my X21 I had to unload the alsa modules before suspend. - with my x23 I have to change the mixer settings to get it working again.

(I hope it will help)


Hi all,

I have found out that if I use cifs to mount Samba shares, I get lots of problems with suspend/hibernate (the cifsd breaks the shutdown process). Maybe it would be good to warn about this.

Alex (alex at corcoles dot net)

Auto-wake on lid open - how to STOP?

Anybody have any idea how to stop the machine (a T43p) from automatically waking up on lid open? My /etc/acpi/events only has a lm_lid file which is commented out - it should do nothing, and there is no plain 'lid' event. Is lm_lid an event only activated when in laptop-mode?

That's a good question, but I have the opposite problem: my T43 (2687) won't wakeup from S3 (suspend-to-RAM) when I open the lid, which is exactly what yours do, and what I wanted mine to.

-- hmh 2006-03-24 11:59:00 UTC-0300

Yes, I have the same problem - this 'feature' is exhibited in both O/S's on my T43p... I tried everything I could think of to stop it (changing/deleting the acpi event handlers, etc). There does not seem to be any BIOS option to "wake up on lid open."

It has irritated me less over time; I find myself now using suspend if I don't want the feature, and sleep mode only if I anticipate that I will open it up and use. After all, suspend is pretty quick with 1 GB ram.

-- gsmenden 2006-03-27 19:36:55 EST