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Q:What happens if the laptop is protected by fingerprint/password? Will I need to enter the password first, or can I reboot from a CD even without the password?

A:On a T43p it will allow you to upgrade the BIOS after you swipe your fingerprint or input the password. The upgrade *does not* erase the password/biometric information you had on file. (Very useful, as the utility to enroll fingerprint was deleted when I wiped Windows for Linux...)

If you don't have the fingerprint / password, well, umm... what happened to your finger? :)


Anyone know if this works on a T20? There's no mention of it in the article, and I can't find any mention of "BIOS splash(screen)" at htpp://
- I'd be grateful if you could email me at stroller at bigfoot dot com if you know the answer to this


Q:Hm, where to get the prepare.exe? It's not included in the BIOS upgrade disk of my i1200. But, of coursem one has to keep in mind that the i1200 is equiped with an ACER BIOS, so the described procedure may not work at all. Heck, I'll just try it out using the sample mod file, off for rebooting ... wich doesn't work because - i fear - my CD drive is again going downhill.

A: Prepare.exe is found in the compressed cab file 1yu****.exe (BIOS upgrade file from IBM). It is used by corporations so they can equip their fleets with custom bootsplash screens like we do at work...

Changing logos!

An interesting bit of trivia - the superimposed "Centrino" logo will change to a superimposed "Pentium M" logo if you disable the wi-fi networking in the BIOS. The "Centrino" label requires wireless networking...  :) gsmenden 19:33 11 Feb 2006 (EST)

Brocken Link

I can't access logo.bmp and logo.mod. anybody know where they are now ? --Xtophe 20:14, 24 February 2006 (CET)