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Q: Good or Bad?

Someone said: This Security Chip is a hardware trojan. True or false?

hmmm. depends. but the fear is big, that it is trojan...


I would say it depends, how TCPA/'Fritz'-Chip is used. But the fear of the critics and (cyber) civil rights people are, that the industry wants to control the use of digital media like MP3, DVD, etc. to prevent copying - even if you own it.

There is also a fear, that there are hidden channels in this black box type of hardware, because hidden channels where found in so many black box type of hardware for years now. What is transmitted over these hidden channels?

The recent modifications by the TCG because of the critic and the resulting pressure are a good beginning. We, the consumers and users, have to go an with our demands, with our critic and we have to look carefully, what TCG and the others are doing here.

Why? Because it will affect all of us sooner or later in using our MP3- or DVD-Players or e.g. -Software on our computers etc. And you can think also about your mobile cellular phones, digital cameras and so on. Digital content, digital media is more and more widespread.

And this is where Digital Rights Management (DRM) comes into the game. DRM is feared to be a trade barrier for a free market, a barrier to future historians, etc.

Trusted Computing is not bad by meaning, but it is bad (or 'lousy'?), how the industry is implementing it. They could do better, right?

--Pitsche 12:19, 4 Jul 2005 (CEST)