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(for discussoin of formatting, see history -- Nomeata)

Shoudn't the kernel be after the driver, since I'd rather compare different kernels and same driver than different driver and same kernel? --Nomeata 13:25, 29 Sep 2004 (CEST)

I think one more often compares different drivers at same kernels. Also i think that driver variation will be more than kernel variation. However, i'd suggest the following order: Model, Benchmark, Driver, fps, XServer, Kernel, Notes, User. This would represent the following search pattern: "Ok, i have a T41p, i'm using the fglrx driver and glxgears seems a bit slow to me, lets have a look... ahh...100 fps more...why...ahh...XServer is more recent...kernel is less recent (does that matter?)...ohh...and i should probably check my mtrr." 13:56, 29 Sep 2004 (CEST)