T420 and T430 HD+ Screen Upgrade

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The T420/T430 generally come with a 1366x768 HD screen. However, it is capable of using a higher resolution 1600x900 HD+ screen; the extra pixel density and vertical space is a game changer for programmers.

If you forgot to purchase the upgrade from Lenovo when you bought your computer, follow this guide to do so. However, the process requires quite a bit of disassembly, since the default HD cable must be replaced.

Note that both the HD and HD+ screens are TN panels, and have the exact same viewing angles, colors and brightness. (If you want to try and install the X1 Carbon's beautiful panel instead, check out this guide.)

Buying the Parts

The 1600x900 HD+ panel costs about $50.

You also have to purchase an HD+ cable, since the built in HD cable is not compatible with 1600x900 resolution.


Below is a basic outline of the procedure.

For the actual nitty-gritty details, follow the Lenovo Hardware Maintenence Manual for now.

Replacing the LCD cable

  1. Unplug the battery.
  2. Remove the keyboard.
  3. Remove the palmrest.
  4. Remove the LCD Bezel.
  5. Replace the HD cable with an HD+ cable. (takes a bit of snaking out)
  6. Reinstall the palmrest.
  7. Reinstall the keyboard.

Installing the 1600x900 Panel

  1. Unscrew and unplug the old panel.
  2. Install the new panel.
  3. Reinstall the LCD Bezel.