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* {{L560}}, {{L570}}
* {{L560}}, {{L570}}
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Serial Ultrabay Slim HDD Adapter IV

This is a HDD adapter that slides into a Serial Ultrabay Slim.


  • One SATA slot for a 2.5-inch, 7 or 9.5-millimeter HDD/SSD/SSHD
  • Weight: 88 grams or 0.19 pounds

  1. This FRU does not contain the required MicroSATA-to-SATA adapter, in fact, it's just a cover which only holds the drive. To actually use this 'adapter', you need to get two M2.5 (length unknown) screws and a board identified as the 'BP700 NS-A447'. The BP700 NS-A447 board contains the said adapter to connect the 2.5-inch drive to the MicroSATA connector.
  2. This FRU requires a 2.5-inch drive bracket to secure the drive, which can be found in the ThinkPad Mobile Workstation Storage Kit (FRU: 4XB0L63274).

Part numbers

Branded with No Name

  • 00NY3141 2

Branded as the ThinkPad Mobile Workstation 5.25” Hard Drive Adapter for ODD Bay

  • 4XH0L679172, 01AV3332

Linux support

If connected at boot time, the drive is normally /dev/sdb.

Models supporting this accessory