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Xorg S3 Savage Driver

Your X11 driver of choice if you have a Thinkpad with a Savage IX or SuperSavage chip.
It is based on Tim Roberts savage driver for X, which didn't improve for a long time.


  • supports Xinerama, DuoView and DRI.
  • MergedFB is not supported. Alex Deucher's MergedFB driver ( worked, but had issues which were never fixed. The MergedFB version of his driver was never added to Xorg, and is now out of date. It will require hacking to get it to work with a newer version of Xorg.

Project Homepage / Availability


Binary snapshots (DDX, DRI, DRM) are available here.

Note: Binary snapshots are not up-to-date anymore because of Xorg7 modular design. You should not need them with Xorg7.


See this page for instructions on building from cvs.


  • in development, usable, secure.
  • 3D is supported in Xorg7 (but usable modes are limited by video RAM; with 8MB of video RAM, the DRI 3D drivers don't support 1400x1050 32-bit mode).
  • with older Xorg you might want to build 3D drivers from DRI CVS

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