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*[http://www.s3graphics.com/prod_savage_ix_features.htm S3's Savage IX page]
*[http://www.s3graphics.com/prod_savage_ix_features.htm S3's Savage IX page]
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[[Category:Drivers]] [[Category:T20]] [[Category:T21]] [[Category:T22]] [[Category:T23]] [[Category:A22e]]

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Xorg S3 Savage Driver

Your X11 driver of choice if you have a Thinkpad with a Savage MX, IX or a SuperSavage chip. It is based on Tim Roberts savage driver for X, which didn't improve for a long time.


  • supports Xinerama and MergedFB

Project Homepage / Availability


Binary snapshots (DDX, DRI, DRM) are available here.


See this page for instructions on building from cvs.


  • in development, usable
  • 3D is supported in xorg cvs and mesa cvs as well, however, it is still insecure so it is not built by default.

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