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Rovclock is a utility to control frequency rates of your Radeon card.

For laptop use, this is very helpfull to underclock the Radeon card for powersaving when running on batteries. By underclocking it is possible to prevent the fan from running.

This can also be used to gain performance by overclocking.

Get it from:


Used to under-/overclock Radeon gfx-cards.

  • Controls GPU core frequency
  • Controls gfx-memory frequency


Set the core(-c) freq. to 100Mhz and the memory(-m) freq. to 120Mhz.

$ sudo rovclock -c 100 -m 120

Get current frequencies among others info(-i).

$ sudo rovclock -i

Stable clockrates

T42, Radeon 7500: Core: 100Mhz Mem: 120 Mhz

T42, Radeon 7500 using DVI output on Port replicator: Core: 100Mhz Mem: 180Mhz

Setting the memory under 100Mhz may hang your card.