Problem with video related system lockup

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Information about the problem of system lockups related to high video load.

Problem description

Occasionally, when under high video load (e.g. scrolling text or moving windows), the computer becomes unresponsive.

Affected Models

  • ThinkPad A22e
  • ThinkPad T20, T21, T22, T23
  • other ThinkPads with an S3 Savage video card

Affected Operating Systems

  • Any OS using the XFree86/Xorg 'savage' driver


This problem is already known about/solved by the driver development team. According to the savage manual page, the problem is related to "a chip bug in the Savage graphics engine that causes a bus lock when reading from the engine status register under high load". Also according to the same source, "the bug affects about 4% of all Savage users."


Add the following line to the Device section of your XF86Config-4/Xorg.conf file:

Option     "ShadowStatus"

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