Problem with red tinted display

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Information about the problem of red tinted display corners in T23 ThinkPads.

Problem description

If your screen is developing a red tint on the bottom left and/or right corners, this is the sign of a dying LCD and it will slowly spread to the whole screen.

The red tint is strongest when the screen is first switched on and it will fade away with the time your ThinkPad is running.

Affected Models

  • ThinkPad T23 (with high resolution displays)
  • ThinkPad A31p (2653-H4U and similar with high resolution displays)

Affected Operating Systems

  • all


It is not clear which component (screen/backlight/inverter) exactly is responsible for this.


You can have IBM fix the problem if your ThinkPad is still in warranty. Or: Change the Cathode ray tube, which has deceased. The phosporous layer of cold tube has a high spectrum in red, with the other spectra joining in after a few seconds, resulting in white color. this usually happens with aged tubes. The tube is 2mm by 20mm and is a special part that can be ordered.