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This is 100MHz SDRAM memory in 144-pin SO-DIMM form-factor.


Available memory types from IBM

Partnumber FRU Description
20L0253 20L0263 32MB PC100 SDRAM NP SO-DIMM
20L0254 20L0264 64MB PC100 SDRAM NP SO-DIMM
20L0255 20L0265 128MB PC100 SDRAM NP SO-DIMM
33L3069 33L3070 256MB PC100 SDRAM NP SO-DIMM
As PC-100 memory is getting increasingly difficult to aquire, PC-133 memory may be substituted on some models. Using PC-133 memory will not increase system performance, as it will be run at only PC-100 speed. PC133 memory cannot be used on T20, T21, or T22 models.

ThinkPads that support this technology

ThinkPad Models Soldered
on systemboard
Slot 1
Slot 2
240X 64MB Empty NA 192MB5 Unknown
390X Occupied Empty 512MB2 Unknown
570E 64MB Empty NA 320MB6 Unknown
600X 64MB Occupied Empty 576MB3 Unknown
A20m, A20p Occupied Empty 512MB2 Unknown
A21e Occupied Empty 256MB4 Unknown
A21m, A21p Occupied Empty 512MB2 Unknown
A22e - Celeron Occupied Empty 256MB4 <384MB
A22e - Pentium III Occupied Empty 512MB2 Unknown
A22m, A22p Occupied Empty 512MB2 Unknown
S30, S31 128MB Empty NA 256MB5 Unknown
T20, T21, T22 Occupied Empty 512MB2 Unknown
TransNote 64MB Empty NA 320MB6 Unknown
X20 64MB Empty or
NA 320MB6 Unknown
X21 64 or 128MB Empty NA 320MB or 384MB6 Unknown
i Series 1200 32 or 64MB Empty NA 160 or 192MB5 Unknown
i Series 1210 32MB Empty NA 160MB5 Unknown
i Series 1230,
i Series 1250, i Series 1260
64MB Empty NA 192MB5 Unknown
i Series 1300, i Series 1330,
i Series 1370
64MB Empty NA 192MB5 Unknown
i Series 1422, i Series 1442,
i Series 1482, i Series 1483,
i Series 1492
Occupied Empty 256MB4 Unknown
i Series 1542, i Series 1562,
i Series 1592
Occupied Empty 256MB4 Unknown

  1. See Unofficial_maximum_memory_specs
  2. Based on 2x 256MB DIMMs, might require removal of original base memory
  3. Based on base 64MB plus 2x 256MB DIMM in Slots 1 and 2
  4. Based on 2x 128MB DIMMs, might require removal of original base memory
  5. Based on base memory plus 128MB DIMM in Slot 1
  6. Based on base memory plus 256MB DIMM in Slot 1