Opening port replicator II

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Problem: Thinkpad won't detach from Port Replicator

Cause: Link from button to release lever has come loose

Port Replicator II Lock.jpg

Solution 1: Add an emergency release hole

 * Drill a small hole as shown appr. 94mm from the front:

Port Replicator II Side.jpg

 * Seen from the inside, it should look like this:

Port Replicator II Detail.jpg

 * Now push carefully with a nail, your drill, or another sturdy pin to release the Thinkpad

Solution 2: Open Port Replicator

 * If no Thinkpad is attached, you can open the Port Replicator like this:
 * Remove 5 screws from button, pry with flat-bladed screwdriver at the marked points no the back:

Port Replicator II Backside.jpg