Mini-PCI Ethernet card

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Mini-PCI Ethernet card

This is a Mini-PCI Ethernet adapter that is installed in a Mini-PCI slot.


  • Chipset: Intel 82559 Fast Ethernet Controller, C stepping
  • Speeds: 10/100 Mbps

IBM part numbers

IBM FRU PN: 10L1423, 08K3348

Also known (in IBM literature) as....

  • Mini PCI Ethernet card (Intel)
  • Mini PCI Ethernet card (Intel) 2.6
  • Mini PCI Ethernet card (Intel) 3.0


A 'Boot Agent' (PXE boot) firmware update for this adapter is available from IBM. The updated version is 4.0.17 and is available here.

Linux driver

This card will work with the standard 'e100' Linux driver as part of any recent 2.4 or 2.6 kernel
Alternatively the older 'eepro100' driver should also work.

ThinkPads this card may be found in