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The lt_hotswap kernel module enables hot-swapping for disk drives with full DMA support under Linux. It should work on any ThinkPad with hot-swappable bays and ACPI support. The driver needs ibm-acpi to be running.


  • enable hotswapping of UltraBay drives
  • automatic IDE unregistering on ibm-acpi eject event
  • leaves DMA support intact


  • does not work with APM

Project Homepage / Availability

Development and discursion of lt_hotswap is currently being held in Linux-ThinkPad Mailinglist.


In order to use the driver you must use ACPI and also have the ibm-acpi driver linked to your kernel (module or compiled).

When loading the hotswap module, you can use the module parameter: auto_eject=1 to automatically unregister the drives IDE interface. This will happen upon popping out the UltraBay lever.

Supported models

The driver has been explicitly reported to work on the following models. It should work on many others as well: