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[[image:LVantage-001.png|left|thumb|Lenovo Vantage 4]]
File:LVantage-001.png|Lenovo Vantage 4
[[image:LVantage-002.png|left|thumb|Lenovo Vantage 4]]
File:LVantage-002.png|Lenovo Vantage 4
File:LVantage-003.png|Lenovo Vantage 4
[[image:LVantage-003.png|left|thumb|Lenovo Vantage 4]]
[[Category:Windows 10 Lenovo Software]]
[[Category:Windows 10 Lenovo Software]]

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Lenovo Vantage
Platform: Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Link: Download
Status: Active

This is a Lenovo tool to help you optimize your system and search for online updates for your Lenovo Windows Machine. It was formerly known as Lenovo Companion.