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This page is a provisorium. It's a list of things that are going wrong after the update to help Akw track and fix them.

Troubles encountered

Troubles confirmed

Fixed problems

  • URL contains index.php(/) before the actual page name - This has been fixed (28.05.05, akw)
  • The categories page doesn't link to Category:ThinkWiki - Fixed (29.05.05, akw)
  • is broken (no www prefix), this was working before - Fixed (29.05.05, akw)
  • On logging in a requester pops up asking to confirm a password change - seems like it's implicitly been fixed (29.05.2005, wyrfel)
  • In Navigation bar, "<download>" leads to [1] - fixed (30.06.2005)
  • direct link to Category:Models missing in Navigation Fixed (10.07.05, akw)