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Intel PRO/Wireless

The Intel PRO/Wireless (IPW) cards are Intel's WiFi hardware for the Centrino platforms. They come in various formats (mini-PCI, mini-PCIe), and capabilities (802.1b, 802.1b/g, 802.11a/b/g, 802.11a/g/n...).

The cards have built-in RISC CPUs (used as MAC processors) and a firmware that does all of the stuff that the USA FCC regulations won't allow a vendor to distribute in a way the user could easily modify and run). This makes them Linux-friendly since it allows the vendor to publish GPL drivers without risking any issues with the FCC.

Please refer to these pages for more information:

  • ipw2100 for the IPW2100 mini-PCI cards
  • ipw2200 for the IPW2200 and IPW2915 mini-PCI cards
  • ipw3945 for the IPW3945 mini-PCIe card
  • ipw4965 for the IPW4965 mini-PCIe card

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