Intel Mobile Pentium 4-M

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Intel Mobile Pentium 4-M


  • 1.2-2.6 GHz tact
  • 400 MHz FSB
  • ?? Million Transistors
  • 0.13µm fabrication process
  • 0.07µm gates
  • 1.30/1.20 VCore
  • 2x 16 KB L1-Cache
  • 512 KB L2-Cache
  • Enhanced SpeedStep, QuickStart, Deeper Sleep
  • MMX, MMX+, SSE, SSE2 instruction sets

Available Types and ThinkPads featuring them

max. Freq. min. Freq. Bus Speed high Volt. low Volt. ThinkPad Models
Mobile Pentium 4-M

Thermal Specifications

GCC Optimization Flags

You should use the following if you have a Mobile Pentium 4-M:

-Os -march=pentium4 -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe