Intel Extreme Graphics 2

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Intel Extreme Graphics 2

This is an Intel video adapter


Linux X.Org driver

This chip is supported by the 'i810' driver as part of the X.Org distribution.

Hardware 3-D acceleration is available using DRI and kernel i915 module (2.6 kernel) for 16-bit depth.

There are binary drivers for SuSE and a modified X.Org distribution available from Intel.

ThinkPad LCD

Display on the internal LCD works as long as you set the monitor settings correct.

External VGA port

There seems to be many issues trying to do this from within /etc/X11/xorg.conf or /etc/X11/XFree86.conf. The solution for basic projector or cloned output is to use the i855-crt program. Remember that this program is very raw and could damage your display equipment.

Once this is installed an example command would be (with root permissions):

# i855crt swcursor on "1024x786@85"

to stop it enter

# i855crt off

The video mode in quotes is defined in /etc/i855crt.conf or ~/.i855crt.conf.

This is specific usage information for that tool. Introducing an own tool page for it should be considered or joining this with other information in a display cloning howto page.

Using MonitorLayout and Clone options it is possible to setup cloned display with X.Org (tested with 6.9.0). Dualhead supported by Xorg driver.

SVideo port


DVI port


Linux kernel Framebuffer driver

This chip will work with either the 'vesa' or 'intelfb' driver as part of any recent 2.4 or 2.6 kernel.

External Sources

ThinkPads this chip may be found in