Intel Core Solo (Yonah)

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Intel Core Solo (Yonah)

The Intel Core Solo is the successor of the Pentium M processor. The structures were shrinked again to 65 nm. The Intel Core processors feature a 667 MHz FSB and accompany the Yonah Centrino platform.


  • 1.66 GHz clock speed
  • 667 MHz FSB
  • 27 watt thermal design power consumption
  • 151 Million Transistors
  • 65 nm process
  • 2 MB L2-Cache
  • Enhanced Intel SpeedStep (EIST), power states: normal (C0), AutoHALT/MWAIT (C1), Stop Grant (C2), Deep Sleep (C3), Deeper Sleep (C4)
  • MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3 instruction sets, XD-Bit

Available Types and ThinkPads featuring them

Nr. Frequency (MHz) FSB (MHz) XD-Bit core Voltage (V) TDP (W) ThinkPad Models
max. min. high low high low
Intel Core Solo
T1300 1666 1000 667 yes 1.2 ... 27 13.1 X60

Thermal Specifications

GCC Optimization Flags

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