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(Created this page for the sake of removing dead-ended links that links to this particular southbridge. Note that no ThinkPad has ever used a 82801GHM; this was just a weird oversight that stems from the PCI ID that the GHM and the GBM both shared.)
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Intel 82801GBM

This is an Intel ICH7-M I/O controller hub. PCI ID: 8086:27C5


  • SATA: 1.0, 150MB/s, 2 ports
  • ATA: UDMA100, 100MB/s, 2 ports
  • PCI-E: 1.0a, x4
  • PCI: 2.3, 32-bit, 33MHz, x6
  • LAN: 10/100
  • USB: 2.0, 8 ports
  • TDP: 3.3W

Linux support

This chipset is supported for the most part by recent 2.4 and 2.6 kernels.

SATA support however still has issues. See Problems with SATA and Linux


This chip may be found in