Intel 440DX

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Intel 82443DX

This is an Intel northbridge.


  • Supports the following processors:
  • Supports the following memory modules, up to a maximum of 768 MB:
    • PC-133 (will be limited to PC-66 speeds)
    • PC-100 (will be limited to PC-66 speeds)
    • PC-66
  • PCI revision: 2.1
  • Front Side Bus (FSB): 66 MHz
  • Paired with the Intel 82371MB southbridge

  1. The 82443DX is incapable of addressing more than 256MB on a single RAM module, which causes the 240 to max out at 320MB.

Linux support

This chipset is supported by recent 2.4 and 2.6 kernels


Intel 440DX datasheet

This chip may be found in