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[[[Pairing wine with cheese!]]] Drinking wine with cheese is a classic combination that most people love. That being said, it is exceedingly important for anyone having cheese and wine to be able to pair the two correctly, otherwise the flavours of the cheese can completely mask the delicate taste of the wine. These days, with such wide varieties of wine and cheese, it can be difficult for the casual wine drinker to decide which two to pair together. However, as long as you stick to a few common rules you should be able to manage. Always remember that white wines tend to favour soft cheese, with a strong flavour, and red wines generally pair better with more mild, hard cheese. Keeping these two points in mind it is important that the wine you are having does not overwhelm the flavour of the cheese . The general rule of thumb is that the stronger tasting and more pungent the cheese, the sweeter the wine accompanying it should be. Putting in an example here, many people enjoy an aged Zinfandel with Mozzarella cheese. They swear by this combination. Mozzarella is a rich and chewy cheese that perfectly complements the taste of the aged Zinfandel. There are other combinations like the Lockwood Sangiovese or the Italian Chianti that are excellent matches for Gruyere, a sweet but slightly salty hard cheese. Even Cheddar cheese can be paired with wine. One of the wines that is most often paired with cheddar is a Shiraz or Shiraz Cabernet from Australia, this combination gels especially well if the cheddar is nicely aged. A famous wine expert, Josh Wesson often said "Don't have the wine step all over the food or the food step all over the wine. Two different flavours can be synergistic, producing a third flavour experience". The same holds very true when pairing wine and cheese. If the two are not paired correctly the wine can easily overshadow the taste of the cheese and vice versa. It is important to remember, the taste of the food and wine being served should always complement each rather than compete and contrast.