Installing Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) on a ThinkPad X200

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Just brief info for now as I didn't have time to test all features yet. Please update if you have info on features marked as untested.


  • Installing from desktop cd:
    not tested
  • Installing from alternate cd:
    works fine with optical drive in X200 UltraBase, just follow the steps
  • Installing via wubi:
    not tested
  • Updating from Jaunty:
    not tested

Features support


  • internal LCD: works fine
  • external VGA: works fine
  • external VGA via ultraBase: works fine
  • DisplayPort via ultraBase: works fine


The middle Scrollbutton won't work out-of-the-box, you can solve it with the help of the following Link:


  • Intel 5100: works fine
  • Intel 5300: works fine
  • Intel 5350: works fine, kernel sees it as 5300


generally works, but see


not tested




  • internal speakers: works fine, good volume
  • headphones: works
  • headphones via ultrabase: works fine
  • internal mic: works fine, good sensitivity
  • mic via ultrabase: not tested


mostly work, for HDD hddtemp is needed


I couldn't make hdaps module to use Tp smapi. It seems module-assistant does not build patched version of hdaps module from tp-smapi-source package.
Nevertheless hdaps seems to work fine with thinkpad_ec. After installing hdapsd edit /etc/default/hdapsd make sure START is set to "yes", DISK to "sda" and adjust SENSITIVITY (50 works ok for most people).

edit: use tp-smapi as in [1]


Works fine as long as you don't suspend when docked.

edit: Suspend with dock works for me.


Works fine when hibernating when undocked. Not tested when docked.

Docking and Undocking

  • Docking works ok. System even tries to switch automatically to saved external monitor display configuration and sometimes it even does the smart thing
  • Before undocking you must always press "pre-undock" button on the left side of docking station and wait until green arrow allows you to proceed. Otherwise system will start to beep at you and it will probably get confused.
  • Undocking and/or pressing "pre-undock" button switches automatically display to internal LCD only so you don't have to worry about it.
  • Undocking doesn't umount automatically devices connected to docking station (usb pendrives, optical drive) so you must remember to do this manually. See
  • Suspending or hibernating when docked is not a good idea as system will probably get confused when resumed not docked also.