Installing Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) on a ThinkPad z60t

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This is a 2533-F4U.

I'd recommend a fresh install. I did an upgrade from Edgy before the Feisty release and I'm not sure if my issues were upgrade- or not-yet-baked-related.

Works without effort

  • Widescreen graphics (Intel 915)
  • Wired network
  • Keylight via Fn key
  • Audio
  • Volume/mute buttons
  • LCD brightness Fn keys
  • Power management w/ UltraBay battery
    • There was a bug in Edgy where the system would shut down when the UltraBay battery hit 0% instead of switching over to the main battery. This is now fixed.

Needed some tweaking


WiFi didn't work at all. There are still known issues with the Atheros chipset, the restricted HAL, and the reported signal strength. It turns out that the issue was with the new Gnome Network Manager that ships with Feisty, version 0.6.4.

I now have open & WPA WiFi working by installing the .debs for Gnome Network Manager 0.7.0. The .debs are posted in | this thread at Ubuntu Forums. I was unable to connect to a WEP AP at a friend's house, but he needs to upgrade to WPA anyway; is anyone else still using WEP?

SD drive

There appears to be an upstream bug with a user un/mounting. So you'll need to use the shell and sudo in order to mount/unmount. As result, re-insert doesn't have the card show up in Nautilus.

Feisty mounts the drive to /media/mmcblk0p1; I've edited /etc/fstab and made a new directory so that it mounts to /media/sd.

Still not working


This seems not to be Thinkpad specific, but rather something low level.


I've not tried to make the built-in mic to work yet, but it's not working by default.