Installing MacOSX X86 (Hackintosh) 10.4.x on a ThinkPad T43

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There are several "distributions" of Mac OS X 10.4 Hacked for generic x86 computers, This Overview is based on Dist. 10.4.4 with a few 10.4.5 patches. The reason I used this version, is that this is the version that supports the IBM Atheros, IBM 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter II, and that's the most important issue for me, as most of the other issues can be resolved/fixed if you've got Internet Connection.

Worked right 'out of the box' Installation

  • 1024x768 Resolution
  • Hibernate and Standby
  • UltraNav (3rd button scroll doesn't work yet)
  • WLAN (Atheros, IBM 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter II Only, Intel 2200/2915/3945 Won't work!)
  • Audio
  • Audio Keys
  • Bluetooth
  • DVD-RW (burning discs)

Easily Fixed / Resolved

  • 1400x1050 Resolution. (can be easily set to default to any screen supported resolution with very little editing, but requires restart to actually change res.)!
  • ATI 3D Acceleration (Mobility Radeon X300, Core Image & Quartz Extreme a.k.a CI&QE - Enabled with a little tearing)
  • Battery Management
  • Broadcom Network 1GbE


  • Modem
  • IrDA

Not Working / No Fix

  • Finger Print Module
  • Embedded Security Module




!!! To be ULTIMATELY SAFE : Use a different Harddriv  !!!

First thing is to "Obtain" an Installation Media DVD with the proper patches. Sorry, I can't guide you through this process, as there is no 'free floating' download iso image like the various Linux distos., but since you're here, it seems you know what you're doing (and as I gathered, the average Mac OS X users doesn't), here's what we need :

We will be needing an image patched with these patches : Intel_SSE2,Anti_TPM, CPU_ID.

It is also possible to run the OS in a virtual machine within another OS such as Linux or MS-Windows, but I shall not get into that here

hereforth I'll just assume you've got the right media, and made yourself a DVD copy, so let's move on.

Disk Partitioning 101

In case we want some other Operating System to run on the same Harddrive, we'll need to set things up a little before we begin.

I've found out that having a gentoo Minimal LiveCD is handy, but any LiveCD will do.