Installing Fedora Core 5 on a ThinkPad Z60m

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I have just finished installing Fedora Core 5 on my z60m. This page will provede an overview of the steps required to get up and running, plus some optional steps to install programs like Skype and others.

1 Create set of R&R discs

Burn the Rescue and Recovery partition to a set of disks. This will require six 700 MB disks and will take some 45 mins. The burn process is started from Start>Programs>ThinkVantage>"Create Set of R&R Discs" or sometyhing like that. The disks will automatically be checked after burning, to guarantee that they are OK.

2 Download

Download the 5 Fedora Core cd images or the single DVD image from a mirror near you and burn this to an appropriate media.

3 Install

Insert Fedora Core 5 disc 1 and turn on the machine. Make sure the machine boots from CD before HD. This can be set in the BIOS. Most users can just press enter to select the default craphical Linux installation. Select your language and keyboard layout