Installing Fedora Core 5 on a ThinkPad Z60m

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I have just finished installing Fedora Core 5 on my z60m. This page will provede an overview of the steps required to get up and running, plus some optional steps to install programs like Skype and others.

Step 1 Create set of R&R discs

Burn the Rescue and Recovery partition to a set of disks. This will require 6 700 MB disks and will take some 45 mins. The burn process is started from Start>Programs>ThinkVantage>"Create Set of R&R Discs" or sometyhing like that. The disks will automatically be checked after burning, to guarantee that they are OK.

Step 2 Download

Download the 5 Fedora Core cd images or the single DVD image from a mirror near you and burn this to an appropriate media.