Installing Fedora Core 4 on a ThinkPad T42p (2373-HBU)

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Basic Install

After loading the Fedora Core 4 i686 CD here is the basic lay of the land.

  • Video (FireGL) - Unaccelered default setup, but it worked
  • Ethernet (10/1000) - Working
  • Sound (AD1981B) - Working
  • Basic Function Keys - Brightness,Keyboard light,Bluetooth on/off
  • Bluetooh (BMDC-2) - Untested (I do see the drivers loaded)
  • Modem (BMDC-2) - Untested (I do not see drivers loaded)
  • Wireless (ipw2200) - Not Working
  • Fingerprint reader - Not Working
  • Suspend Memory - Not Working
  • Suspend Disk - Not Working
  • IBM Active Protection System (HDAPS) - Not working

Basic Hardware


I really needed this first so I could have the easy freedom to work on the machine throughout my house. All you really need here is the firmware loaded in to the right spot. This is an old version of the driver and firmware and it will not run Kismet. Later, I will show how to get this working.


At this point I setup my system to get all of the current updates for Fedora Core 4. I just ran the up2date program and let it do it's thing.