Installation instructions for the ThinkPad 390

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Specific installation notes for the ThinkPad 390, 390E and 390X.

General Notes

Although more conventional methods may work, on a 390 with no working floppy or CD-ROM Linux was successfully installed on this machine by putting the harddrive an another laptop (a T21) installing on it there normally, and then swapping the hard drive back in, without any special fussing.

Distro specific Instructions

Mandriva 2006

Mandriva 2006 installed on a 390E (256 Megs of RAM, 333 Mhz), with no special effort needed. However, if you want to use the modem, after you have rebooted you'll need to follow the instructions at Installing Ltmodem driver for Mandriva. Linux ran faster than I expected and was quite usable on the machine.

External Sources

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