Installation instructions for the ThinkPad 365

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The ThinkPad 365XD is known to be compatible with RedHat 6.2, as long as the system has more than 8 megabytes of memory. There is a problem with starting up X; while models of the 365XD with TFT displays were compatible with a number of releases of X, the DTSN models of the 365XD had compatibility problems with certain releases of X, and required complicated startup to make X visible:

  • Type in startx to start the X server
  • Hit Fn + F7 on the keyboard. This may make X visible. If not:
  • Exit out of X with CNTL + ALT + F1
  • Hit CNTL + C to stop the X server
  • Restart X with startx

Releases 3.2 and 3.3.6 of XFree86 are known to be compatible with the 365XD; other releases may not be.