Install Sidux 2007-04.5 (Christmas Special) on a ThinkPad X40

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This is how I installed Sidux 2007-04.5 on my Thinkpad X40:

1) The install: The version of GParted in the Debian repositories is out of date. Thus, I used Parted Magic 1.9 to repartition my Windows partition. I made Windows 25GB and gave myself a 14GB ext3 root with a 1GB swap. For more information on why I choose ext3, see

2) Updates: As root, I run smxi -iK to get the latest experimental kernel and bring myself into sync with Debian Sid repositories.

3) General system management:

  • Sudo is unsafe. Use root shells. Use sux if you MUST run X applications with root privileges.
  • Read the Sidux manual.
  • Update often and make sure you have read the warnings.
  • DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING: powertweak, preload, prelink, localepurge, apt-get autoremove, aptitude
  • Use OpenDNS. It is safer and faster.

4) Post-install tweaks:

  • Get the wireless firmware: apt-get install ipw2200-firmware
  • Get Hibernate/Suspend working: 1) add Option "VBERestore" "true" to /etc/X11/xorg.conf, 2) apt-get install acpi-support and turn on "save video state" in /etc/default/acpi-support 3) if you use compiz-fusion, apt-get install uswsusp and use s2both to suspend. Otherwise, pm-suspend and pm-hibernate will work fine for you.
  • Get laptop tweaks: apt-get install powertop && powertop. To make stuff stick on reboots, you should add the commands to /etc/rc.local
  • Get speed tweaks: use tune2fs -o journal_data_writeback /dev/sdaX and add "data=writeback" to your /etc/fstab mount options. Turn on tmpfs for /tmp in /etc/fstab. Turn on concurrency=shell in /etc/init.d/rc. Profile your grub boot-up. I find that most other tweaks beside these four things have absolutely no impact on how fast your system runs. Edit your /etc/sysctl.conf, for more information on this see
  • Get network tweaks: turn off ipv6 aliases in /etc/modprobe.d/aliases. Use OpenDNS.

5) Setting up ICS with a Samsung Blackjack 2 mobile phone over a Kensington bluetooth dongle:

6) Still not working:

HDAPS does not work for me. tp-smapi does not compile with my 2.6.24 kernel. Even if I use an older kernel I still can't get it to work.