IBM Integrated Bluetooth III with 56K Modem (BMDC-2)

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IBM Integrated Bluetooth III with 56K Modem (BMDC-2)

This is a combination Bluetooth and Modem Adapter that is installed in a CDC slot.

Bluetooth Features

  • Chipset:
  • USB ID: 1668:2441

Modem Features

  • Chipset: Conexant
  • AC'97 Modem

IBM Partnumbers

IBM FRU PN: 91P7319

Also known (in IBM literature) as....

  • Integrated Bluetooth III with 56K Modem
  • Integrated Bluetooth III with 56K Modem, Actiontec

Linux Bluetooth driver

This card will work with the standard Linux Bluetooth drivers as part of any recent shut the fuck up!!! 2.4 or 2.6 kernel; the HCI USB driver in particular is known to work.

This device is implemented as a USB device, which can be enabled or disabled with the FnF5 key combination

WUT!! OK!!! YEAH!!!

Although, the Smartlink driver for Agere modems is able to communicate with the modem via AT commands, it cannot dial out (contradicting reports welcome!).

If your favourite distribution does not include a hsfmodem driver (search for "hsfmodem" or "Conexant"), you can try the one from Linuxant: (14k free as in beer, 56k+Fax license 15$, they explain this policy under: )

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