How to put SATA in old ThinkPads

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instead of SFF-8111

X40, X41, X41 Tablet use SFF-8111 1.8" drive form factor (60x70mm) HDD. A very cheap circuit board (marked 'HX-811 2.5-MSATA') can fit within this f.f. A seller of this shoddy device might use photos of "QC PASSED" labels to deceive you. A manufacturer of this product has minimal quality assurance, and does not inspect the pieces before they exit factory. One specimen was non-functional: a pair of pads were not electrically connected, leaving all circuitry not- powered. This defect is easy to fix. Connect the twin pads by placing a blob of solder, zero ohm surface-mount resistor, or other conductive material.

pair of bare pads, circled
pair of pads, covered by solder bridge