How to protect the harddisk through APS

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This page tells you how to make the Advanced Protection System work under Linux to protect your harddrive from damage in case of a notebook drop or other kind of impact while it is running.

Introduction - how APS works in Linux

APS in Linux consists of four components software side:

The HDAPS driver exports a sysfs interface providing the acceleration values.

The hdaps_protect kernel patch xports a sysfs interface that enables an ide or sata disk to be protected by a userspace process.

The hdapsd userspace daemon monitors the acceleration values through the HDAPS interface and automatically initiates disk protection through the hdaps_protect interface - given that the movement exceeds a user specified threshold.

Finally the applets are providing a visual indication of the disk protection status and provide a graphical interface for adjusting configuration options for hdapsd.


As mentioned above, the hdaps kernel driver found in recent kernels is only responsible for reading the accelerometer data and exporting it through the sysfs interface. In order to use this information to protect the disk, some additional steps are required.

  • Download and build the latest hdaps_protect disk protection kernel patches.
  • Enable the drivers in the kernel (requires kernel rebuild).
  • Download, build and configure the hdapsd userspace daemon.
  • Download and build one of the applets to get a real-time representation of the disk protection status.

Getting the files

The latest versions of hdaps_protect, hdapsd and the gnome-hdaps-applet can be downloaded from

Debian source and sid binary packages for hdapsd and the hdaps_protect patches (kernel-patch format) are available via APT access:

deb ./
deb-src ./

Patching the kernel and enabling the drivers


tell about how to patch the kernel and what needs to be enabled afterwards

Installing hdapsd


tell how to build hdapsd

Configuring hdapsd


tell how to configure hdapsd

Building an applet

Building khdapsmon


tell people what to do

Building gnome-hdaps-applet


tell people what to do

Further Information