How to make your Dock quiet

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ThinkPad Dock Type 2631

the fan

The fan is a COPAL F412R–05LB.
manufacturer product page
specification sheet (PDF)

  • 41 × 41 × 12.2 mm
  • ball and sleeve bearing
  • 16 db(A) noise
  • 4200 RPM
  • 3.88 CFM, 0.11 m³/min

how to take-apart

  1. Remove the ten screws, that hold the top case. They are black, M2.5 4mm, Phillips #0. Three at the edge by Ultrabay, one in the middle, two at front edge, two at edge near key hole, and two in back side by the fan. Remove the top case (it helps to press the eject button), but be careful and disconnect wires going to the top panel. Remove the spring under the eject button, so it does not fall off accidentally.
  2. Remove Ultrabay eject lever. Disconnect its spring. The screw is silver, has a Phillips #1 head.
  3. Remove the five screws, that hold the frame over the power supply unit. They are black, M2.5 4mm, Phillips #0.
  4. The fan plug has two wires, one red and one black. It is in front of the PSU, right of docking port. If you plan to replace the fan, it will be easier to unplug later on. If you only want to disconnect the fan, unplug it now. Be careful: the computer ejector mechanism is close by and you might bump something out of position.
  5. Remove the screws from under the dock, that hold the PSU. There are four of them, they are big and black. I used a Phillips #2 head, but you can probably use Phillips #1. Remove the PSU and unplug its three cables.

Photos (click to see full size)
remove eject lever
frame over power supply
fan plug
back of power supply

ThinkPad Dock II Type 2877

ThinkPad Dock II has the same fan as ThinkPad Dock.

onkel25 has instructions and pictures at ThinkPad-Forum. Innenleben Dock II (inkl. Bildern)