How to install ThinkPad Modem (MDC-3.0, 56kbps HDA) under sidux 2008-03 (Ουρέα)

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I was able to install the modem on my T500 under sidux 2008-03. Afterwards kppp was able to query the decive, I have not right now created a ppp connection.

Based on directions there: . scanModem was suggesting to use the linuxant driver which is available for a little price around 19$ and in a free edition (14.4kbps capped).


# wget

# unzip hsf*.zip

# dpkg -i hsf*.deb


  1. Start kppp
  2. Create a new modem device
    1. Click "Configure...' Button
    2. Select "Modems" Tab
    3. Click "New..."
    4. Name it and select /dev/ttySHSF0 as the actual device, press OK
  3. Query the new modem
    1. "Edit..." your modem
    2. Select "Modem" Tab
    3. Press the "Query Modem..." button.
  4. kppp should be able to open the modem and query the ATI values
  5. done.

My ATI values

ATI: 56000
ATI 1: 255
ATI 2: 
ATI 3: hsfmodem-
ATI 4: Conexant HSF softmodem
ATI 5: 04
ATI 6: 
ATI 7: 255