How to get the internal SD card working

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1. First of it all you need a working kernel 2.6 source.

2. Get the patches at all the *.bin

3. Patch your Kernel

 cd /usr/src/linux
 patch -p1 < sdhci-0001.bin
 patch -p1 < pci-sdhc-0001.bin
 patch -p1 < mmc-respopcode-0001.bin

4. reconfigure your Kernel with menuconfig:

 make menuconfig

5. aktivate "Device Drivers" -> "MMC/SD Card support"

 <*> MMC support
 <*>   MMC block device driver
 <M>   Secure Digital Host Controller Interface support  (EXPERIMENTAL)

6. recompile your kernel & reboot

 make clean && make && make modules_install.. dont forget to copy your new kernel. ;)

7. Modprobe your new Kernelmodule:

 modprobe sdhci

8. Mount your SD CARD

 mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt

9. RocknRoll