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general help

For general help in editing please read Wikipedias "How to edit a page" page.

ThinkWiki editing policies

naming policies for new pages

If you create a new page, please consider the following page naming policies. This is important to keep a persistent page naming scheme and hence to ensure that ThinkWiki still works well when it has grown more complex.

Page names (the links you create to point to the page) are used as the page Title. Considering these policies has the following advantages:

  • the pages will have self-explaining titles
  • in Category views like the Model view the links to the pages are expressively labeled and similar pages are sorted together
  • the pages are more easily found in search engines like google

specific kinds of pages

To sort similar pages together in the Model views, we start specific pages in defined ways. The following table shows the naming schemes for several kinds of pages...

page naming schemes
page type naming scheme example
Installation instructions overview for a model Installation instructions for the <model> Installation instructions for the ThinkPad T41p
Installation instructions for a specific distro on a model Installing <distro> on a <model> Installing Gentoo on a ThinkPad T41p
other HowTos How to ... How to get special keys to work
Problem descriptions Problem with ... Problem with lm-sensors
Drivers and Tools pages <name of driver/tool> ibm-acpi
Patches Patch ... Patch disabling ACPI C3
Components <name of component as used by IBM> IBM 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini PCI Adapter II
Distro pages Category:<distro> Category:SUSE
ThinkPad Models Category:<Model without "ThinkPad"> Category:T41p
Specifications <type number-model number> 2373-GHG


use our Link&Categorization Templates

To ease editing and to provide a standardized way of linking to a category and categorizing the page at the same time in that category, we introduced the following Templates. So far there are two types of these:

  • Model Templates. Just write the model number surrounded by winged brackets, like i.e. {{T40}}. This will be equivalent to [[:Category:T40|T40]] [[Category:T40]]. Hence the result will be a link like this: T40, but at the same time, the page will be categorized under that category.
  • Distribution Templates. They work the same way as Model Templates, except that for them you need to specify the Distribution name (simplest, shortest variant of it). It will create a link to that distributions category page and also categorize the page you used the template on under that category.

use our Editorial Templates

syntax resulting output
(Use only at the beginning of pages!)
This page is a stub

You can help ThinkWiki by expanding it.

{{Todo|needs editing}}
needs editing
{{Fixme|preliminary information}}
preliminary information
{{Usage|do this and that}}
(Use only at the beginning of pages!)
How to use this page

Do this and that

Have fun editing!