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The ThinkPad 360P, 360PE and 750P models feature a Tablet PC like design that enables the display to be folded down face up onto of the keyboard. The display furthermore features a TouchScreen so that the whole unit can be used as a pen tablet.

Little to nothing is known about the technology behind those TouchScreens. But there seems to be indication that these TouchScreens might have emerged from a cooperation with a company called GRiD. GRiD manufactured tablet morphable notebooks at about the same time the 360P, 360PE and 750P were produced. In fact, the folding mechanism on those GRiDPads was the same as on the three ThinkPad models in question.

Linux support

Nothing is known so far about Linux support for these TouchScreens.

You can, however, find evidence in the net that poeple did make GRiDPad TouchScreens work under Linux. So - IF this is really the same technology - you might have luck trying.

For the 360PE I found a link to a Linux Driver: