Error Codes and Beep Codes

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This page gives an overview over numerical error codes and beep codes generated by the BIOS.

Numerical Error Codes

IBM provides a detailed listing of numerical BIOS error codes including information on fixes.

Beep Codes

Beep signal Additional indicators Meaning
continuous beep
  • System board failure
one beep unreadable, blank or flashing LCD
  • LCD connector problem
  • LCD backlight inverter failure
  • video adapter faulty
  • LCD assembly faulty
  • System board failure
  • power supply failure
one beep Message "Unable to access boot source"
  • Boot device failure; system board failure
one long, two short beeps
  • System board failure
  • Video adapter problem
  • LCD assembly failure
one beep, three short beeps
three short beeps, one beep
  • Memory problem: bad DIMM or bad DIMM slot
one long, four short beeps
  • Low battery voltage
one beep every second
  • Low battery voltage
two short beeps error codes
  • POST error message
two short beeps
  • System board failure