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IBM Easy Launch Buttons

Most of the i Series ThinkPads featured colorful programmable application launch buttons. They were placed on the upper left edge of the keyboard, where the volume buttons can generally be found on other non-i Series ThinkPads.

The same buttons were featured again on the S30 and S31 models.

Depending on the model, there were three or four buttons and their color codes were not consistent with their labelling:

models with three buttons          models with four buttons
  • Home
  • Search
  • Mail
  • Home
  • Search
  • Office/Shopping
  • Mail

Linux support

It seems like nobody ever got these buttons working.

People have tried to get the specifications from IBM, but Acer, who were producing these machines refused to provide them.

This driver may help to get them to work.

Models featuring this technology

featuring three buttons

featuring four buttons